Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Smiles: Fishtail braid, Penguins and Vampire Dairies!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Sunday to you all! I hope you're having an amazing day today. I've spent my whole weekend trying to study like crazy for my finals which start next Saturday. But looking at the bright side, the sooner I get through them, the sooner it's summertime! <3 I hope you spent your weekend better than I did :)

I am currently in love with the fishtail braid!
I have been trying it out but till now the results where pretty horrible.

My all time favorite animal would be a penguin, which a lot find it's weird.
I just wanted to share with you this picture... isn't it adorable? <3

At last I wanted to talk about my obsession with The Vampire Diaries <3
I watch a bunch of other show but I can never compare tv shows like Pretty little liars or The Secret Circle with The Vampire Diaries ... it is by far my favorite tv show!
Also, having a hottie like Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore in a show as good as this is the cherry on the cake!
Have you seen this week's eppisode? ... I nearly died while watching. If you have seen it then you already know why :) And here's my favorite bit from the whole show.

Lastly, I am going to leave you with a little quote to remind you to always be happy -- that's where true beauty comes from :)

 Don't forget to comment me any requests for future posts. 
Till next time.

Larissa xo


  1. A fellow Vampire Diaries fan!! My gosh, I've just never been as addicted to a programme as I am with this.

    I'm in the UK so we are a few episodes behind so I've resisted the urge to watch that video. X

    1. haha I watch it online a day after it airs in USA so I get to watch it before :) Hope I didn't spoil anything with that video xo