Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spring Loves!

Hey Everyone!
As for my first post I wanted to share with you some of my top picks for Spring. I recently went shopping and got my hands on some pieces that I absoletly adore!

First, are these pair of bright turquoise platform wedges . Bright colors are super in this Spring and Summer and I thought in what better way can I add a pop of color to my outfit if not with shoes? ... I got these pair of shoes at new look for only £24.99 and you can find them here.

Next is a clutch. Metallics are also a big trend this Spring and when I found this clutch on asos.com in the sale section for only £10, I had to get it. Since metallics are quite a daring trend this is the prefect way to incoporate them in your outfit. The specific one I got is a light beige color with metallic silver, which I think is a great way to tone down any metallic! [Tip- You can find amazing deals on the sale section of asos and most of the time they are free shipping :)]

Another thing I got from asos was this neon yellow watch. Is it gorgeous or what? ... I completely fell in love with it and it is $45.45, which is a reasonable price for a watch. You can find it here :)

Last Spring favorite are any bright or pastel nail polishes, which you can find a great selection of colors at any brand! My favorites at the moment are 'Tart Deco' by essie and Revlon's 'Minted'. 

Tart Deco - Essie

 Minted - Revlon

Personally, I am really excited for this Spring's and Summer's trend. What do you think of the items I showed? And what are YOUR favorite trend this season?

Much love!

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